Thursday, 29 July 2010


I am having grief with keratin.
For those who dont know - that is the stuff which hair and nails are made from.

I, like many others shave all the hair from certian areas of the body, and why not. I enjoy doing it - it is relaxing, I enjoy how it feels, it makes me feel good inside. BUT

God I hate ingrown hairs, I get dozens of the things. I seem to get 1 week o smoothnes followed by 3 weeks of ingrowns before they have all broken free and I can get rid of them again.


Also, nails. I have been trying to grow them out a bit to see if I can not chip them on everything, (I dislike false nails) I'm not doing to bad although I do need more practice at cutting my right hand.

I have started to grow my (head) hair long again - means I overheat more but makes me feel better, I daren't style it as everyone at home and work would get a tiny bit suspisios but there we go.

love to all.


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