Friday, 24 September 2010

still here, still mad

Well I haven't posted in a while but I am still here.

Still trying to balance what I want, What work wants, What my other half wants, what my family wants. failing at several of those.

I have told my brother now, not sure what he thinks about it.
that brings the number of people who know (excluding online only people) to a massive 5

my other half - who doesn't mind and does her best to be supportive
my mother - who isn't sure
my brother - who keeps whatever he thinks hidden
the yank - who i don't think minds
the yanks beloved - who has offered to go shopping - so i assume she is OK.

I got my ears pierced last Friday, two little gold studs.
today i go to the doctors, routine checkup, and i intend to mention 'gender identity disorder'. not sure how that will go.

I have come so close to leaving the house 'dressed' several times now - i think it will get a little easier as the nights draw in a bit as the darkness helps to hide things.

kind of looking forward to Halloween for once - traditionally an excuse for us trans girls to go walkabout.

I have tracked down and spoken to someone who I used to know a little who has had the SRS in January - but she lives way up north. but the chat was good.

I feel like i am rambling a bit but it is good to get my thoughts out.

I have never been one to remember my dreams, but last night i was defiantly 'Joanne' it feels a bit strange.

I want to get in to the habit of taking more photos of myself - partly because there are very few for the last 10 or more years. this might be because i have never had a high regard for my own image and i have no 'male' fashion sense.

what else has happened since i last posted...
Oh yes, I bought a simple plain handbag and now use it daily for all my standard junk - no more bulging pockets. i even use a purse for coins and i have stopped feeling daft for getting it out and using them in public.

well that ll do for now.

hope to type again soon

love and hugs to all


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