Saturday, 7 August 2010

housework, shoes and you lot

Eh, another dreary weekend.
dull outside and dull inside.

I have decided to try and get some of the housework done and just like many others I find that I do a better job and enjoy it more if I first spend the best part of 45 minutes in front of the mirror.
15 min trying to remove that little bit of stubble,
5 min combing hair, 7 min for the nails (need to get some clear varnish), 3 min for lip gloss.
and an absolute age looking at shoes.

It is odd really, I spend a lot of my 'guy' time criticizing how long it takes others to get ready and asking why so much of their closet is filled with shoes.
I really cant see what the issue is - I mean I only have 8 pairs (wnatmoreshoes,wantmoreshoes) and I can get ready in the mornings in less that 4 min (except at the weekends when is can easily take an hour or more).

I am such a hypocrite at times.

I do however suffer the bane of all T-girls trying to find shoes that fit. size 8-9 wide fit with a bit of heel cant be to much to ask, can it?

I have spent a bit of time recently 'googleing' around trying to find some groups of like minded people to meet up with, chat to, or just support but that seems to be harder than I thought it would be.
I mean I live near Bournemouth on the south coast which has a large LBGT pride event every year. I know it has lots of gay/lesbian clubs but I cant find any trans.
Ok, not quite true, I have found the one for under 25s designed to help the young ones work out who they are but it is council supported and once you pass 25 they aren't interested, and I have found the one for the over 65s which I don't get close to. I can't find anyone in the late 20s/ early 30s.

Where is everyone?

Want hugs. #pout#

#shrug# oh well time to get on with one of the jobs that sucks - the vacuuming :-)

love to you all


  1. evans for shoes my dear.try the one in the dolphin centre

  2. > size 8-9 wide fit with a bit of heel

    New Look make some lovely shoes (and some scary ones - but we'll gloss over that) in a wide fit that's 8/9. (That's my size too BTW)

    There's also - they're part of a high street chain, but they do an excellent range on-line. Good prices too.

  3. I know what you mean with the shoes. Have a look at if you haven't found them already - I got a couple of pairs of lovely basic black boots from them as soon as I could afford to.

  4. Evans do large wide shoes and boots - I think that the average width is an E.