Sunday, 26 September 2010

big scary world - part two

So, on to Saturday.

Saturday, oh Saturday,
What a day that was,
I would do it all again you know,
and all because, because.

Due to the uplifting evening I had had on Friday,
(Dear Yank, its my language - I can do what I like with it)

For the first time ever;
I felt good enough to 'dress' properly even though I knew we were going out that morning.
I chose to wear female everything, (I think my glasses are from the male range but that is all)
The only thing I didn't wear were my forms.

We went to a car boot sale and then for a trip around some of Parkstone's charity shops.

I must have walked for several miles around the towns, gees my feet hurt. I have large blisters on both feet from where I am not used to long distances in those shoes.


Felt great though. (did I mention they were 1' 1/2" heels)

I have to admit that I felt nervous at times, the hardest one was walking out the front door.

I have no idea what people thought when they saw me but for the most part, I didn't care.
I was happy to just be out there being myself.

I know that at least one lad 'made' me, and I also heard his girlfriend hit him.

The one instance that gave me the biggest fright was in the last shop we were visiting, I heard my name, turned round and there was one of the ladies from work.
I said hi back and made a hasty retreat to the other end of the store. I have no idea what she 'saw' when she saw me, I will probably find that out on monday.

The whole day was incredibly nervewracking and totally worth it.

I would defiantly do it again (only this time i would wear short socks to keep away the blisters)

All in all a very good weekend if a little draining.


love and hugs to all.



  1. well done you x mandy

  2. for the record: your use of 'had had' was correct and proper :D the Yank